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" The surgical photos of the Turkish actor Caner Atacan which preferred us."

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  • I thank all the staff of the Zen Hair team. The thorough and clean operation, as well as the friendly service before and after the operation has excited me . When I would come 50 times to the world and should do a hair transplant, I would go again to Zen Hair. Caner Atacan
  • Thanks to the Zen Hair Team . I did not feel like a patient, but as a guest . The hospital was very clean with a very professional team. The work was carried out successfully by each individual before and after surgery. Ertan Erikli

  • Thank you Zen Hair Team. The care before and after the surgery was perfect, just as the OP was flawless. The Specialist , Mr Zengin is very friendly and experienced. With Zen Hair I was really pleased. Mustafa Kalem
  • I thank the Zen Hair staff, especially Mr Zengin, who showed a lot of interest. He made the hair transplant in a professional way and stayed to my well-being. I wish the team continued success. Rıfat Doğal

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Hair loss which can lead to a bald head, you can only defeat with a hair transplant.

Hair transplant; The hair roots are removed from hairy body areas and will planted to the affected areas.
Today there are 2 techniques of hair transplantation.
1- FUT technique (Follicular Unit Transplant)
2- FUE technique (Follicular Unit Extraction)
Basically both techniques are the same, the difference lies only in the collection of the hair roots.
FUT is a old method in a surgical treatment.FUE is current technologically and successful .
Zen Hair recommends the performing of the FUE method.

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    Hair Transplant Males

    Hair Transplant Males

    At the age of 20 years, 12 % of men have hairloss, while 50 % of 50 year age men have the problem. Hair loss can have different backgrounds from person to person. Zen Hair checked for each individual patient the hair type , age , sex , history of hairloss and then opts for the best treatment. For the healing time gets every patient after the treatment , the required information and medications .
  • Fully Responsive

    Beard Transplant

    Beard Transplant

    A beard transplant is the most effective method to get a full and natural beard . Because there is no other way to fill the vacancies, a beard transplant is the most effective . Scars or dilutions in certain places can thus get a better look.
  • Fully Responsive

    Hair Transplant Female

    Hair Transplant Female

    Nowadays, many women suffer from hair loss. Unlike the men, which only loss one part of the hair area, it is usually the whole area which women lose. In particular, the use of wrong cosmetics, hair dyes, stress, malnutrition, factors like pregnancy and menopause can cause hair loss. After a hair transplant it is no longer possible for hair to fall out.

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